The Wedding Industry Will Never Be The Same

Texas Wedding Photographers Hate ME!

Up until now, image deliveries typically average between 2-6 months from what my research has revealed.  We are changing the way the game is played, we are now offering 7 day wedding image delivery.  Here in San Antonio as a Wedding Photographer, I constantly hear horror stories about how its 12 months after the wedding and people still do not have their images. This kills me.  I wholeheartedly swear to make all photographers live up to their contracts, mine just says 7 days.. lol

Also, we are not raising our prices as of the New Year, as we typically do, we are offering a better service, with the same customer service youve come to expect from Joshua Michael, with this added bonus... and In addition to that, we are offering 1 free Wedding for 2017, all you need to do is go like my fb page HERE, and leave a comment on the wedding date as well as the venue, and we will choose 1 lucky couple on Valentines Day 2017


Happy New Year Ya'll