Our Style

Our style is a mixture of photojournalism and creative portraiture, a mixture of modern vintage and artistic traditional.

Most of the day, we’re right there with you, out of the way, but always around to capture every important moment, big or small. The real smiles, the happy tears, the excited nervousness. There’s no stopping to look at the camera or pose. The biggest day of your life is happening and we want to be there for all of it!

As much as we love unscripted moments, we know most people also want at least a few beautiful, posed portraits and we are more than happy to take a break from the action to get those for you. Family, wedding party, bride and groom portraits are always discussed and scheduled into the timeline in advance.

Anybody with a camera can take a picture that shows what you look like. Our goal is to capture so much more. The love, the true inner beauty that your wedding day really is.

Real life, unscripted.